Haunted Ship The Queen Mary Opens for Halloween

October is the perfect time to gather up friends and go on random Halloween haunts. There are a ton of options, including old houses, the woods, mazes, and even cemeteries, but this haunt takes you aboard the supposedly haunted RMS Queen Mary. The ship sailed the Atlantic from the late 1930s until its final voyage to Long Beach, CA in 1967. Since then, it has become a major tourist attraction filled with exhibits and hundreds of fully-functional state rooms. However, there have been claims that Queen Mary is spooked by the spirit of someone who was allegedly murdered on board, as well as other ghost stories and spirit sightings. This might scare a ton of people away, but fans of all things paranormal will definitely want hop on for The Queen Mary’s 10th annual Dark Harbor attraction.

Dark Harbor is a spooky celebration packed with six mazes, live entertainment, hookah, rides, bars, and some presumably creepy child named Scary Mary. The event is currently underway and will run until November 2 so there’s still time to check it out if you can make your way to Long Beach. It takes place on the Queen Mary as well as its surrounding parking lot to create a full-on haunted experience.

This is basically a ship-themed amusement park that is catered to adults complete with alcohol, food, music, and people in costumes who can’t wait to test the limits of your fears. But, rest assured, the actors are not allowed to touch people according to the website’s FAQ page. The powers in charge do allow kids but they are strongly against bringing anyone under the age of 12 lest you want to scar them for life.

Dark Harbor’s general admission tickets are enough to explore the Queen Mary and party with fellow lovers of darkness but there are additional options to make the experience super memorable. There are a list of packages and add-ons with early bird admission perks, VIP access to mazes, expedited entry, private group cabanas, all-you-can eat taco bars, a special Dark Harbor magic show, and even a special LGBTQ+ celebration night on October 27.


The brave souls who really want to see if the RMS Queen Mary is haunted are invited to crash after the parties die down with overnight stays in the cabins. Of course, the room rates will climb up as Halloween approaches, but it might be worth it for a terrifying encounter with a real-life ghost, right? And yes, there are currently rooms available for Halloween night if you dare to give it a try.

This year’s event will likely take things up a notch to celebrate a milestone year. Dark Harbor teased a new maze named Rogue that will disorient passengers as they struggle to survive in the midst of a simulated capsizing situation. And, there’s a chance for daring people to uncover a few secret bars too. So, if a haunted ship party is your idea of a good time, grab your Dark Harbor tickets ASAP and get ready to have a scarily good time.

Featured Image: The Daily Woo/YouTube

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