THE PUNISHER Is Haunted by an Unfriendly Face in Season 2 Teaser

Marvel’s Netflix shows have recently undergone an onslaught of cancelation, leaving only two left standing: Jessica Jones and The Punisher. To kick off 2019, Marvel released a new teaser and a 3D motion poster, both of which hint at a bleak future for Frank Castle when he returns (which, according to a now deleted tweet, could be on January 18).
The moveable image shows what looks like a grab bag filled with a gun, money, duct tape, a first aid kit, and of course, the Punisher’s iconic, skull-adorned costume.
The first season of the show saw Jon Bernthal take on the role of the violent anti-hero after being introduced in the sophomore offering of Daredevil. Bernthal’s Castle is a man devastated by the loss of his family and the betrayal that to their untimely deaths. The debut offering focused on Frank Castle’s hunt for the people responsible for the murder of his loved ones and the discovery of a massive conspiracy that spans further than he could have ever thought possible.

The second season will see Castle struggling to deal with the aftermath of the events of the first and the fact that he no longer has anyone to seek vengeance on. All that will change, though, with the introduction of John Pilgrim, a religious fundamentalist with an evil streak.This teaser doesn’t reveal too much but it certainly fits with the bleak and brutal vibe which The Punisher is known for, and hints that Frank is likely on the run or at least planning to be. We’ll have to wait until the show debuts later this year to find out for sure.

Images: Marvel, Netflix

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