Celebrate Halloween with a Puddles Pity Party Makeup Tutorial (Exclusive)

We’re used to seeing lots of clown costumes on Halloween. By the time we’re done handing out treats, all of those painted faces tend to blur together. However, when you are almost seven feet tall and have an angelic voice, you tend to stand out in a crowd, like our favorite sad, singing performer Puddles Pity Party. He’s not depressed today though. He’s celebrating the spookiest day of the year with an easy to understand tutorial to help you apply your very own clown makeup. And we have your exclusive first look at it.Puddles, who has blown us away (and even made us cry) with incredible covers of “ Mad World” and “ Space Oddity,” has put together this brief video showing the tricks of the trade to make sure your own clown makeup doesn’t start smearing or wearing off before your Halloween night is over. It might not be as hard as you think.[brightcove video_id=”5855954784001″ brightcove_account_id=”3653334524001″ brightcove_player_id=”rJs2ZD8x”]Do you have any idea how helpful that would have been to us over the years? How many times a great costume fell apart because our faces basically melted? We’re sad just thinking about it, but we’re thrilled to know we still have time to get it right tonight and every Halloween night from now on.If you’re worried you won’t nail Puddle’s look on your first try, you could try experimenting on a pumpkin first. Unfortunately there’s probably not an easy tutorial he can put together to make you as good a singer. We might be able to look like him, but our voices singing voices won’t stand out like his.Puddles Pity Party will be performing at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas for nine shows in January and February. You can read more about his first-ever artist residency here.

Featured Image: Puddles Pity Party/Emily Butler

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