Pringles and Wendy’s Team for Spicy Chicken Sandwich Chips

Forget the Streaming Wars. Fast food restaurants are waging the most fierce conglomerate battle in all the land. It’s the war for spicy chicken sandwich supremacy. Few will survive; but who will win? We’d never bet against Wendy’s, which began this tasty feud. Now the chain is ready to deliver a version of that signature menu item to fans in a whole new way. Wendy’s has once again partnered with Pringles. And the new limited-edition Spicy Chicken Sandwich potato chips are the next front in the world’s most delicious conflict.

A can of Pringles next to a chicken sandwich, with potato chips in frontKellogg Company

Fans of Wendy’s Original Spicy Chicken Sandwich and Spicy Chicken Nuggets will now be able to find that same heat in a snack. Pringles’ new chip replicates that “fiery spice blend” into what they call a “crunchy and extremely convenient bite that satisfies the spicy thrill consumers can’t get enough of.” That’s a bold claim, considering Wendy’s OG spicy sandwich is still an iconic fast food item.

“Our partnership with Wendy’s is a match made in flavor-heaven, so we’re thrilled to have another collab with an equally talked about, fan-favorite menu item,” said Gareth Maguire, Senior Director of marketing for Pringles, in a statement. “Following the enthusiasm for Pringles Baconator, we knew we had to challenge ourselves and perfectly capture the flavor of another popular menu item. The debut of Pringles Wendy’s Spicy Chicken provides a crunchy, unnecessarily genius way to enjoy the spicy, juicy deliciousness of the #1 hands down best chicken sandwich in the U.S. …in a single crisp.”

The only downside is that like Pringles’ Wendy’s Baconator chips, these are also limited-edition. They begin arriving in stores nationwide in June. The Spicy Chicken chips will come with a delectable bonus. Each Pringles can has a code for a free spicy chicken sandwich. You’ll be able to get it with any purchase via mobile order.

The only thing we don’t know yet? How many other fast food chains will follow suit with their own spicy chicken sandwich potato chips. We hope the answer is “all of them.”

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