Prince’s 1999 Is Getting a Deluxe Reissue

When you ask the average person on the street which album they think of when they think of Prince, nine out of ten times they’ll say Purple Rain. While that record is indeed perfect and iconic, it was his 1982 release of the album 1999 that really made Prince a household name. With the help of MTV, it became his first mainstream hit album, and launched the singles “Little Red Corvette,” “1999,” and “Delirious.” It’s pretty much a perfect album in its own right. And thanks to Music Tap, we’ve learned that it is about to get a deluxe reissue that will make fans of the Purple One jump for joy.

Prince’s 1999 Is Getting a Deluxe Reissue_1

Warner Brothers Music / Paisley Park 

On November 29, Warner Brothers Music will reissue the seminal album on 5CD/1DVD and 10LP/1DVD box sets. Both sets will include new remastering for the original album, and also contain several tracks from Prince’s legendary vault. There will also be promo mixes and B-sides, and a previously unreleased live performance set from a Detroit show on November 30, 1982. The DVD will also provide footage of his previously unreleased live set at The Summit in Houston, TX on December 29, 1982. The boxes are rounded out with a stuffed booklet containing new liner notes, rare photos, and handwritten copies of Prince’s lyrics. Fans can check out detailed specs by clicking on this link.

Warner Brothers Music / Paisley Park

This follows up Warner Music’s remastering of Purple Rain a few years back, but outdoes it by several notches. Here’s hoping that several more of Prince’s albums from this period get similar treatment. I can’t think of a single fan who wouldn’t want the same deluxe restoration given to Sign O’ the Times, or even Parade. In the ’80s, Prince was changing the music business, crossing over funk with rock and pop in ways no one ever had before, and his entire catalog from this period should be celebrated. Yes, even the Batman soundtrack! We want ’em all!

Images: Warner Brothers Records / Paisley Park

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