The Music From BOJACK HORSEMAN’S Underwater Episode is Serene (Premiere)

Netflix’s animated hit BoJack Horseman is one of the most adventurous shows on TV today (or online, we suppose). For one, it’s the only program (that we know of) that stars an alcoholic horse-man voiced by Will Arnett, so that’s something. The show also received a lot of praise for “Fish Out Of Water,” the fourth episode of the third season that very daringly is almost completely dialogue-free.

That sort of format also leaves a lot of burden on the sound designers, composers, and everybody else involved with the show’s audio. It was all pulled off so seamlessly, which is why we’re happy to premiere “Chasing Kelsey,” which comes from the episode and appears on the upcoming BoJack Horseman: Music From the Netflix Original Series soundtrack album.

Created by composer Jesse Novak, the keyboard driven track alternates between feelings of melancholy submersion and island vibes, meaning it has the range of depth that it needs in order to match this dynamic episode.

The rest of the soundtrack is worth checking out too, considering it features the talents of Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney, Michelle Branch, Grouplove, Oberhofer, and others. Check out the tracklist below, and let us know what you think of Novak’s engaging score.

BoJack Horseman: Music From the Netflix Original Series tracklist

1. Patrick Carney — “BoJack’s Theme” (Feat. Ralph Carney)
2. Jesse Novak — “Horsin’ Around”
3. Patrick Carney — “A Horse With No Name” (Feat. Michelle Branch)
4. Jesse Novak — “Mr. Peanutbutter’s House Theme”
5. Jane Krakowski / Colman Domingo — “I Will Always Think of You”
6. Jesse Novak — “Get Dat Fetus Kill Dat Fetus” (Feat. Daniele Gaither and Manus Dunbar)
7. Jesse Novak — “Kyle and the Kids” (Feat. Carrick Moore Gerety)
8. Nina Simone — “Stars (Live at Montreux)”
9. Grouplove — “Back in the ’90s”
10. Patrick Carney — “BoJack’s Theme (Full Length)” (Feat. Ralph Carney)
11. Jesse Novak — “Seaport”
12. Jesse Novak — “Hallway”
13. Jesse Novak — “Kelsey Apology”
14. Jesse Novak — “Chasing Kelsey”
15. Jesse Novak — “Seahorse Birth”
16. Jesse Novak — “Post Birth”
17. Jesse Novak — “Baby Seahorse and Convenience Store”
18. Jesse Novak — “Shark Chase”
19. Jesse Novak — “Darkness and Tunnel”
20. Jesse Novak — “Fan Section”
21. Jesse Novak — “Factory”
22. Jesse Novak — “Flying”
23. Jesse Novak — “Seahorse Reunion”
24. Jesse Novak — “Final Kelsey Pursuit”
25. Oberhofer — “Sea of Dreams”

Featured image: Netflix

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