PREDATOR Takes on Our Favorite Marvel Comics Heroes in New Variant Covers

It was almost two years ago that Marvel Comics revealed plans for the Aliens and Predator franchises. But there were delays, mainly due to a pending lawsuit. And we’ve been waiting for the intergalactic big game hunter’s ugly green mug ever since. Although a Predator movie prequel named Prey is coming, we’ve been eagerly awaiting a comic book return. Well, the wait is nearly over. Via AIPT, we now know that Predator is, at last, coming to Marvel Comics.

Coming from creators Ed Brisson and Kev Walker, Marvel has announced the series for a July 6 release. They originally solicited the series for June 2021, but they only settled the lawsuit in January of this year. Interestingly enough, the delays resulted in the book arriving on the first Predator film‘s 35th anniversary. You can read the official synopsis for Predator #1 and see the cover art by Leinil Francis Yu right here:

Predator #1 cover by Leinil Francis Yu.
Marvel Comics

This July, the remorseless alien killer known as the Predator embarks on a new hunt! Marvel Comics is proud to bring readers thrilling new stories starring this lethal terror in a brand-new comic series. Written by Ed Brisson and artist Kev Walker, Predator will deliver all the explosive action and relentless horror that fans have come to expect from this pop culture icon. The story kicks off when a young girl sees her family slaughtered by a Predator. Years later, though her ship is barely holding together and food is running short, Theta won’t stop stalking the spaceways until the Yautja monster who killed her family is dead…or she is.

Ed Brisson had this to say about his upcoming series:

I’ve been obsessed with Predator since first seeing the film at the drive-in theater as a kid. I can still remember sitting there in horrified fascination and then acting out the movie for my classmates the following week at school. I bought the VHS and wore the hell out of the tape. Getting to write the characters launch for Marvel is a dream come true. When they offered me the gig, I already had a million ideas ready to go. Not only am I excited to write a Predator book, but I’m doubly excited to be working with Kev Walker on the series. The pages he’s turned in so far and mind-blowing.

The Predator in his first movie appearance in 1987.
Twentieth Century Films

Once upon a time, Predator was a huge comic book staple. But despite fighting the likes of Batman and Superman back in the day, we haven’t seen many Predator comics these past few years. Back in the old Dark Horse Comics days, they originated the Alien vs. Predator idea before Hollywood took over. They were the Alien and Predator license holders in the years before the Disney/Fox merger. Here’s hoping we see Marvel give the alien hunter his proper due going forward. Hey, since Marvel now has the Star Wars license as well, they can do that Predator vs. Ewoks fan film as a comic. We’d buy it!

As we speculate about what’s to come, we can also enjoy a new series of variant covers released by Marvel. These reveal Predator taking on some of our favorite Marvel heroes. But who will triumph? We need a new series for that. Take a look at all the artwork below, simply click through to enlarge and enjoy all the Marvel meets Predator fun.

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