POSTMODERN JUKEBOX Covers “Ice Ice Baby” and It’s Incredible

Well, here we are again. You, reading a Nerdist article about Postmodern Jukebox and the amazing covers they create. And me, writing yet another article about Postmodern Jukebox and the amazing covers they create. I feel like this would be a good time for those who know me to have an intervention  about how much I seem to obsess over this group of talented musicians if it weren’t for the fact that we here at Nerdist all see to have that very same problem. Speaking of. …. if there’s a problem, yo, PMJ will solve it. So check out this Vanilla Ice cover while the DJ… uhh… while the DJ… does something?There’s no question that we fawn over anything Postmodern Jukebox create,s but we always have a little bit more love when they’re able to cover a song that completely transforms it. Not in the “Hey, this is an old-timey version of a song we already know” kind of way but, rather, in a “Holy crap, my life is a lie. The version I’m familiar with is just a cover and I never knew!” sort of way.  PMJ has done this sort of thing before with a version “ We Can’t Stop” that makes it seem like Miley Cyrus covered an old doo wop song and, as I’ve begrudgingly mentioned before, they’ve even made me enjoy a motown version of a Nickelback song (gross. I know).This time around, PMJ teamed up with singer/tromboner (it can’t be tromboner, right? Trombonist? Trombonista?) Aubrey Logan to tackle Vanilla Ice’s 1990 hit “ Ice Ice Baby.” Their version is an absolute delight that truly seems like it could have been played in old jazz clubs way back when and as far as we’re concerned is nearly perfect. The only thing that could make it just a bit better would be if there were a missing video of Aubrey defending the song against charges of copying David Bowie and Queen’s “Under Pressure” just like Vanilla Ice did back in the day.

What’s your favorite PMJ song? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Image: Postmodern Jukebox

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