Posable King Tut Figure Looks Real Enough to Curse You

You know why mummies curse those who disturb their tombs? Because they disturbed their tombs! You don’t like someone waking you up early on a Saturday morning, do you? Now imagine a millennia long slumber interrupted by somebody who wants to steal your stuff so they can put it in a British museum. You’d be ornery enough to want vengeance on them too. So yeah, don’t upset any mummies. Fortunately though you can now fill your home with a piece of Ancient Egypt without incurring their wrath. Thanks to this fantastic posable King Tutankhamun figma collectible.

Three different poses and variations of a King Tut action figureGood Smile Company

Japan’s Good Smile Company is bringing the famous boy pharaoh to you. Their new Tutankhamun plastic figure (which we first came across at SoraNews24) stands roughly 5.7-inches tall. This is not static collectible though. It comes with an interchangeable head part. That way you can show off this mummy with his ornate gold mask, or with his head wrapped in bandages. More like what you’d expect to see in a horror film. It also includes different hand parts so you can display yours as you like. And this articulated figure also comes with a stand so you can pose it just the way you want.

A king tut action figure inside its sarcophagus with the lid open next to the lid itselfGood Smile Company

The standard figure costs 9,900 yen. That works out to just about $87 US. Or you can go big with the more ornate Deluxe version for 13,750 yen ($120 US). That model also comes with King Tut’s famous, iconic gold sarcophagus. Not only does it look impressive, it’s practical. If you’re worried the boy pharaoh’s spirit will curse your home you can simply lock him back up inside for safe keeping.

A king tut mummy figure with gold mask posed to be walking out of its coffinGood Smile Company

Preorders for both versions are now open. You can claim your until November 25 at 12:00JST. It’s expected to ship in July of 2022.

Our advice until then is do not disturb any actual mummy tombs. That’s also our advice after you get your figure.

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