Pornhub Announces Bee-Themed Porn Channel for Charity

Pornhub wants you to put the “poly” in “pollination”!  That’s right, we’re absolutely buzzing about a new charitable initiative from Pornhub, cleverly named “BeeSexual”. Clean that beeswax out of your ears –  you heard us right! We’re on the be(e)at. The purveyor of all things internet porn flew into action this week when they released a video announcing their new, bee themed porn channel, “BeeSexual.” Pornhub hive, activate!
As the video clearly states, bees are dying at an alarming rate. Pornhub wants people to get busy (like bees) and watch its bee-themed porn channel. Since bee sex and its ensuing pollination is the key to many, many global ecosystems. Rather than comb through the internet for ways you can get involved in protecting these little stingers, Pornhub is donating money for each time you watch the bees do it. (Even educated fleas do it.) Every time you watch one of the specially made videos of bees spreading their seeds, Pornhub will donate to an organization focused on bee preservation or protection. The bees are voiced by all the adult film stars you know and love, by the way. That’s environmental action sweeter than honey! Additionally, the BeeSexual site will disseminate more information for users about how else they can join in the fight for the bees.  Pornhub is no stranger to odd couplings. However, we have to admit that at first glance, porn and bees seems a little sticky. Still, we’d like to commend Pornhub’s creativity and social message in this instance, and for attacking this climate issue head on. A reminder as always, to be(e) safe out there.  What do you folks think? Will you be(e) checking out BeeSexual? Do you think other companies should be partnering with causes in this way? And have you ever had to pull out a bee stinger from between your toes? Let’s discuss.

Featured Image: Paramount Pictures