HOT WHEELS Has Given Us a Porg Piloting the Millennium Falcon!

Chewbacca wasn’t super keen on letting a porg be his co-pilot in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, or even having one imitate his Wookiee roar, but Mattel is intent on rectifying this “mistake.” In the latest revealed Comic-Con exclusive from the toy giant, a porg gets to take charge of the Millennium Falcon (and seriously, Lucasfilm, it’s time we started to give individual porgs names like every single Ewok had back in the day).

First revealed by i09, this is a Hot Wheels Battle Roller, so named because it sounds more action-packed than Hot Ball Bearing. Like other Battle Rollers, it comes in a package that demonstrates how a slight tilt will allow gravity to get it rolling into battle.

The packaging also gives this porg its own audience, with others looking on, either to admire the first of their species to become a pilot, or to think to themselves, “That dumb bird’s crazy!” Some sort of Flappy Bird variant game needs to be made with Pilot Porg (in lieu of an official name, let’s call it that), toot sweet. The endless frustration one gets of crashing and starting again every five seconds would be alleviated with an adorable Ahch-To denizen (Ahch-Toian?) onscreen at all times.

Unlike many budget-busting convention exclusives, this one is a mere $10, and will also be available from starting at 10 AM PST on June 26. And while Mattel exclusives often aren’t that hard to snag, this particular one might be a Force-ful impulse buy for many. Will you be among them? Let us know in comments.

Images: Mattel

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