Christmas Is Coming with Ugly GAME OF THRONES Holiday Sweaters

It’s beginning to look a lot like winter across all of Westeros, but it’s beginning to look like the holiday season for us. That means we’re facing something much worse than White Walkers and an army of the dead; we’re gearing up for Black Friday and relatives who like to talk politics at dinner. But nothing lightens the stress of the season quite like an ugly Christmas sweater, and this year we can express our love of both Game of Thrones and hideous holiday garb with Realm-inspired holiday sweaters. Target’s new line of ugly Game of Thrones sweaters, which we came across at PopSugar, feature six clever holiday puns based on some of our favorite characters, quotes, and places in the Seven Kingdoms. And we might get all of them so we can have the perfect piece for any holiday occasion. “Tis the Last Season” is just right for Christmas night, and “Deck the Wall” is ideal for decorating.Feel like showing up unexpectedly at a stranger’s house to sing carols like a sociopath? Pop on the “Silent Night King” sweater. And for your office Christmas party let your co-workers know you’re paying attention to everything they do with the “I Drink Eggnog and I Know Things” Tyrion homage.If you are doing charity and spreading Christmas cheer, go with “Joy to the Realm,” but if you are visiting the big jolly guy there’s no better option than a “Ho Ho Hodor” sweater, which is also perfect if you want to make everyone sad.All six sweaters are available for $29.99 at Target and at Of course you can always ask Santa to bring you one Christmas night. Maybe instead of reindeer he’ll send yours via raven.Tell us in the comments below which ugly sweater you want to pull on this winter.

Images: Target

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