POP CULTURE JEOPARDY! Spinoff Coming to Prime Video

It’s always thrilling for pop-culture fans such as ourselves to see a pop-culture question come up on Jeopardy! A whole Marvel category? What a delight! But now trivia and pop-culture will permanently connect in a new Jeopardy! spinoff coming to Prime Video. This Jeopardy! will feature all pop-culture questions and categories all the time. And, handily enough, this new spinoff is titled Pop Culture Jeopardy! We guess there’s no need to ask, “What is Pop Culture Jeopardy!?”

Marvel Jeopardy tile, a pop culture category

A release shares more about the new Pop Culture Jeopardy! spinoff. It reveals :

Pop Culture Jeopardy! is a brand-new twist on the classic quiz show’s “answer-and-question” format that combines the academic rigor of Jeopardy! with the excitement and unpredictability of pop culture. Contestants, playing in teams of three, will need to be experts in categories from Alternative Rock to The Avengers; Broadway to MMA; Gen Z to Zendaya as they compete in a tournament-style event for the grand prize and ultimate bragging rights.

Pop Culture Jeopardy! is the first time the franchise will find itself on a streaming service. Needless to say, we expect our readers to excel at this game. Pop Culture Jeopardy! is coming soon. A host has not yet been revealed. For those wanting to compete on the series, “information regarding the contestant application process will be available soon.”

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