Pollen-Shaped Lamps Will Make You Want to Sneeze

If you’re prone to sneezing, try not to look at this GIF for too long:

Tree full of pollen

All those showers we got in April have brought May flowers, and the May flowers have in turn brought allergy season thanks to all the pollen that’s filling the air right now. Although we’d hope your pollen situation isn’t as bad as that tree up there, it might feel that way sometimes, which is why this following bit of interior design might fill you with apprehension. Rest assured, though, that it’s still super neat.Swiss art director Regine Cavicchioli and Roman Jurt and Michael Kennedy, students at the Zurich University of the Arts, turned all the pollen into a positive by looking at pollen particles under a microscope and turning what they saw into 3D printed lamps ( via Fast Company).

“Nature is really complicated, especially in the shapes and forms of their own surfaces,” Kennedy says in the video above. “We got these 2D images from pollen and tried to capture these images into a 3D shape, which we modeled on the computer.”

The resulting shapes are diverse in form, since some look like a durian while others are more cantaloupe-like or similar to things that aren’t fruit. If you want one of these lamps for yourself, it will cost you somewhere between $437 to $1,366. There’s enough pollen around without us bringing more inside, we’d say, although these lamps sure are gorgeous.

What other particles do you think could look good in lamp form? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image:  Pollen Lampen/Vimeo

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