Japan Is Getting POKÉMON Vending Machines with Digital Pikachu

For over two decades, Nintendo’s  Pokémon franchise has won fans from around the world. But that international affection pales in comparison to Japan’s love for the adorable pocket monsters. To this day, there are Pokémon Center stores that are still incredibly popular in Japan. And now, the official Pokémon Center vending machines are expanding their reach in several cities across the country.

Via ComicBook.com, the recently released Pokémon Center vending machines appear to be advanced model upgrades from the previously available versions. While the vending machines still sell official Pokémon plushies, cards, and other collectibles, the new versions also feature an animated Pikachu who appears on the video screen and interacts with users. Basically, he’s your personal shopping companion. At least one Twitter user has posted videos of the new vending machines, and they seem incredibly charming.

The Pokémon vending machines include optional language support for English, Chinese, and Korean in addition to Japanese. Potentially, that could allow the machines to eventually make their way to America, although there are currently only four Pokémon vending machines in the United States and they are all in Seattle. Those models are the previous editions of the vending machines, so they don’t have the fun features of the newest models.

Perhaps someday the Pokémon fandom in America will be rewarded with more cool ways to celebrate the franchise. In the meantime, fans should check out these machines on their next trip to Japan!

What do you think about the new Pokémon vending machines? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

Image:  PokeFans_Taiwan

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