Snooze Soundly with a Snorlax Bean Bag Chair

Most of us already find the notion of naps luxurious and enticing, but ThinkGeek‘s trying to make a midday snooze even more appealing with a new Pokémon bean bag chair. The best possible candidate for this pillow-y cushion of cute is Snorlax. When you curl up for a break, you won’t dream about trying to catch them all. No, you’ll only dream of catching… zzz.

Sorry, I’m awake now.

This cozy bean bag came to our attention thanks to Mashable. Since it’s over four feet tall and two feet wide, you’ll have plenty of room to stretch out for sleep, for a marathon video game session, or for epic TV bingeing. Of course, I also like ThinkGeek’s idea of having a Snorlax nap room:

Let’s start a “Get us a Snorlax bean bag chair!” petition for all the human resources departments in the world. Or, if we want to be more flexible, we’ll say we can accept any sort of Pokémon bean bag chair.

The Snorlax snooze pad is a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive. You can order the adorable not so little monster for your home (or workplace) at their website. And if you want to go full Snorlax, ThinkGeek has a matching pair of slippers. You know, just a FYI.

If you could take a nap with any Pokémon, which one would you choose? Share your pick in the comments.

Want more Pokémon?

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Images: ThinkGeek

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