POKÉMON Size Comparison Video Reveals How Your Favorite Monsters Stack Up

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, we learned that Pokémon all become teeny tiny before they go into a Poké Ball. But most of the time, these creatures come in all shapes, sizes, and heights. Of course, some Pokémon are always teeny tiny, but others are veritable monoliths towering over the world. But which Pokémon are the smallest of all? And which Pokémon are the tallest/biggest of them all? The latest entry from Global Data is here to put some of your favs into perspective. Check out the Pokémon size comparison video below.

So, who are some of the smallest Pokémon? Well, according to this size comparison video, Pokémon like Joltik, Caterpie, and Diglett are some of the most diminutive of the bunch. That makes sense because Joltik and Caterpie take their inspiration from real-life insects and bugs. Everyone’s favorite friend Pikachu is also pretty tiny; Pikachu comes in at just 1.3 feet tall. We are cooing over this fact. Imagine having a real-life Pikachu companion that’s only the size of a ruler. That’s too cute.

The size comparison video slips Ash in as a comparison point for the Pokémon here and there. And that does help to understand what exactly we’re looking at. The video also offers some unexpected insights. For instance, Charizard is actually under six feet tall. But we’d have guessed a much greater size for this ferocious creature. Meanwhile, the elegant Dragonair is over 13 feet long! It’d be scarier than we thought to meet this lengthy Pokémon in the wild.

The Biggest Pokémon from the Pokémon Size Comparison Video
Global Data

On the tall end of the Pokémon spectrum are some truly towering giants. There’s the ferocious Gyarados, the grinning Steelix, and the massive Rayquaza. Wailord is listed here as the second biggest Pokémon. But the tallest Pokémon of all is Eternatus. This legendary Pokémon comes in at 65.6 feet tall. We’re honestly starting to think that Pokémon could give us a pretty good horror movie if it tried.

Of course, the world of Pokémon is always expanding. Soon there could be even smaller and even bigger Pokémon to explore. So we’ll just have to keep our Pokédex handy and hope that even the most giant of Pokémon can fit into our Poké Balls.

Feature Image: Global Data

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