This POKÉMON Hack Is a Great Reason to Jailbreak Your iPhone

iPhone “jailbreaking” is a fad that lets Apple users break their device free from the company’s software restrictions, which limit interfaces and prevent access to non-iOS apps and expansions. Clever users have used these jailbreaks to create custom capabilities, like this upcoming incoming call tweak  Pokémon fans will get a kick out of.

Via The Verge, reddit user FrozenPenguinToaster developed PokéCall, which transforms the iPhone’s incoming call screen to a battle from the classic Pokémon Game Boy game. Callers show up as “trainers” and you have the option to fight, meaning answer, or run, meaning ignore. The music from the game plays in lieu of a ringtone.

The hack isn’t currently available, but FrozenPenguinToaster shared its progress on the iPhone jailbreak subreddit. In the comments, the developer said they will allow trainer customization depending on the contact, and said they might implement a fellow user’s suggestion to display “wild” Pokémon when the call comes from an unknown number.PokéCall will join a legacy of iPhone jailbreaking hacks, a phenomenon that started back in 2007. Apple has since cracked down on jailbreaking efforts, partly by increasing the flexibility of iOS updates. Alternative app store Cydia also lost two of its major depositories (ModMyi and ZodTTD/MacCiti), which limited the number of files available to jailbreakers. The practice waned in relevance, but users like FrozenPenguinToaster are keeping it alive for nostalgic and recreational purposes. Transforming your iPhone into a classic Game Boy interface is one fun reason to consider trying it out.

Have you ever “cracked” your iPhone to run an alternative app? Will you try out PokéCall? Let us know in the comments!

Image: Reddit/FrozenPenguinToaster

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