The Life of a POKÉMON Becomes a Horror Film in This Fan Trailer

One day, a day like any other, a stranger comes to your idyllic little corner of the world and kidnaps you from your friends and family. He keep you trapped in a magical little ball where you live alone with no warning for when you might be called upon to do his bidding. He only frees you from your solitary confinement so that you can battle your fellow slaves in an arena for the amusement of others, but not even death offers you the possibility of freedom. After you have been bludgeoned within an inch of your life, at the last moment when you are prepared to take your final breath and break away from your living nightmare, a creepy nurse with pink hair brings you back to life so you can fight again… forever.No, that’s not the premise of a terrifying new film, it’s the grotesque life of a Pokémon trapped by a trainer. But as this fun fan-made horror movie trailer from the YouTube channel nigahiga shows, a Pokémon’s life really would make a good horror movie.

All these years, we’ve loved hearing Pikachu called into the arena. But when Pikachu hears someone say, “I choose you,” it’s another day of his never-ending nightmare. On our series Animation Investigation we once answered the question of whether or not Ash Ketchum is the worst Pokémon trainer ever, but the better question might be whether he is history’s greatest monster.What other video games characters are secretly living in a real horror movie? We choose you to tell us which game should get the fake trailer treatment next.

Featured Image: nigahiga

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