Check Out This Playable SETTLERS OF CATAN Board Made of LEGO

Settlers of Catan is one of the best-selling board games of all time. The many editions, variants, and expansions have proven popular since its initial release in 1995. There’s even a card game version. You can play it on the go via a smartphone app. And there’s even a holographic augmented reality version coming in 2023. But thanks to a fan, there’s now also a LEGO version. Catan and LEGO enthusiast Eli Boschetto’s build of a fully-playable game had a simple inspiration—the LEGO sheep that come in the barnyard and farm sets. Once he had the wool, he knew he could put together the rest of the wheat fields, forests, and roads needed to build a LEGO Settlers of Catan.

The above video from Beyond the Brick shows off the Settlers of Catan build on display at BrickSlopes 2022, a LEGO fan event. Each hex tile shows off a unique land, including deserts, quarries, and mountains. On top of the sheep and snakes, the builder also included a robber sneaking around.  

Some of the LEGO pieces, like the plants and animals, are used for their intended purpose. But Boschetto also had to improvise. The grains of wheat in the fields are actually gold claw pieces that can be found in LEGO sets including Eternals‘ Deviants and the Outriders, a.k.a. space dogs, that attack Wakanda in Avengers: Infinity War. It’s an ingenious repurposing that really makes the LEGO Settlers of Catan board visually stunning.

A LEGO Settlers of Catan playable game
Beyond the Brick

The Beyond the Brick YouTube channel has plenty more videos from BrickSlopes 2022. They also highlight fan builds displayed at other events, including an enormous LEGO Jedi Temple and Tyrannosaurs rex scene with a working waterfall!

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