IHOP Announces Pancake Cereal Called Panflakes

In the Before Time (a.k.a. early March) when we could still eat at restaurants, IHOP announced a special limited-time menu that combined two breakfast staples— cereal and pancakes. Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cap’n Crunch,
and Lucky Charms were being merged with fluffy sweet cakes covered in syrup. The menu looked and sounded amazing. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to have any before social distancing began. But now I might not have to wait for quarantine to end to get an idea of what that menu might have tasted like. IHOP has announced a new pancake cereal coming to grocery shelves called Panflakes.

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IHOP has shared the first look at their new cereal Panflakes (which we learned about at Foodbeast). The limited edition cereal will feature crunchy “itty-bitty” pancake flavored-bites that are made with maple syrup. They look like Nabisco NILLA Wafers, and the idea of coating those in syrup and dipping them in milk is enough to make us confident Panflakes will be a huge hit.

IHOP Announces Pancake Cereal Called Panflakes_1IHOP

This cereal seems like a long overdue idea. Cookie Crisp has been around forever, and cookies aren’t a socially acceptable breakfast food the way fried cake is. And we already have waffle cereals. But Panflakes are a logical extension of a growing “pancake cereal” trend. One that replaces milk with syrup.

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Would. Eat. Must. Eat.

The only issue with Panflakes is that it’s not clear when they will be available in stores or how long they will be available once they get there. With COVID-19 shutting down many plants and factories, it could be a while before we see this limited-edition foodstuff.

I’m already upset I didn’t get to try IHOP’s breakfast cereal pancake menu. Eating their pancake cereal at home would be a pretty sweet way to make up for that.

Featured Image: IHOP

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