Watch This Pika Do His Best Freddie Mercury Impersonation

Thanks to the box office success of Bohemian Rhapsody, a whole new generation has discovered the musical brilliance that is  Freddie Mercury and Queen. Among that film’s more memorable moments is a recreation of Freddie’s musical “call and response” with the audience Queen’s live shows. Now, via Laughing Squid, we’ve learned about a tribute to those special interactions Freddie had with his audience that is both silly and also kind of genius. A video editor by the name of Joe Vivers has created this adorable little edit that shows footage of a pika, appearing to mimic Mercury’s legendary stage presence.

Now, we know some of you out there are saying to yourselves, “What the heck a pika?” right about now, and we have the answer. A pika is a tiny mammal that is closely related to the rabbit family, and live in Asia and some parts of North America. They’re pretty much just bunnies, without adorable floppy ears (but they’re still totally cute.)The vocal improvisations with the audience that this video riffs on were a Freddie Mercury concert staple, a reminder that Mercury was a showman the likes of which popular music hasn’t seen before or since. While seeing the film approximate the moment is cool, there’s nothing like seeing the real deal. Luckily, there’s tons of YouTube videos for all you Queen newbies out there… once you’re tired of watching this critter get his Freddie on, that is. What do you think of this goofy tribute to Freddie Mercury? Let us know down below in the comments.

Images: Joe Vevers

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