Pickle Rick Is Now a Sleeping Bag, Morty!

During the course of its first three seasons, Rick And Morty has produced many memorable moments, whether it’s Morty’s speech to Summer about his body being buried in the backyard, or “ You pass butter.”

But the Pickle Rick episode, where Rick turns himself into a pickle and eventually builds functional limbs to get himself out of harm’s way, is perhaps most famous of all. The show’s popularity has already led to a ton of merchandise, like Chia Pets, Funko figures, and pretty much anything else you can put an image of the show’s titular heroes on, so Pickle Rick was a perfect opportunity to keep the merch train rolling.

Well, rolling it is, but the latest bit of buyable goodness might actually put you to sleep. It’s not that it’s boring, it’s just made specifically for that purpose: ThinkGeek now offers a Pickle Rick sleeping bag (via LaughingSquid).

Pickle Rick Is Now a Sleeping Bag, Morty!_1

The seven-foot sleeping bag is pickle green, with Rick’s face printed on the front. Since sleeping bags are, by default, pickle-shaped, this would totally work as a full-body Pickle Rick costume. Just duck your head inside, zip it up, make sure you can breathe, and boom: You’re Pickle Riiiiiick!


You can’t get a Pickle Rick sleeping bag quite yet, but you won’t have to wait long; it will be available July 20 in  the ThinkGeek store.

Will you get one of these to liven up your next camping trip? Will you also scavenge animal body parts in the sewer to make functional limbs for yourself? Let us know what you think down in the comments!

Featured image: ThinkGeek

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