PHASMA Author Shares MAD MAX and STAR WARS Reading Playlist

Force Friday II is almost upon us. In addition to The Last Jedi toys galore, Star Wars fans will also get to dive into new stories as part of Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi publishing program. One of those tales is all about Captain Phasma, the shiny silver enigma introduced in The Force Awakens. Delilah Dawson’s Phasma goes into the character’s history and how she encountered the First Order and left her homeworld. And to help put you in the mindset of the kickass warrior that is Phasma, Dawson has shared a reading playlist stacked with selections from Mad Max: Fury Road and Star Wars films.

As soon as you open the book on September 1 and start reading, press play and let the music of Junkie XL, John Williams, and Michael Giacchino fill your ears:

If you can’t wait and you need to digest some of the book right this very minute, has an excerpt detailing Phasma’s first meeting with a representative of the First Order. She runs into none other than Brendol Hux, the father of General Armitage Hux and the man responsible for creating the First Order’s trooper training program. His ship crashes on Parnassos, Phasma’s home. The first paragraph from the excerpt:

“Phasma and her warriors began making preparations the moment they saw the explosion high overhead. As the ship’s remains streaked across the sky, Phasma tracked it with her quadnocs, taking careful note of the direction in which it fell. At the very least, ships like this could be pillaged; at most, there was always a hope that they could be salvaged and used to get off-planet. No one alive had seen such ships do anything but fall and crash, but they were evidence of the larger galaxy beyond Parnassos, of a future that had been denied them. It was painful, living on such a treacherous planet with so many re­minders of the ease and technology that had once been taken for granted. At the very least, there would be metal, tech, clothes, medicines, food, and possibly working blasters scattered around what was left of the ship. These were the greatest riches in Phasma’s world.”

Just from that passage, you learn Phasma came to the First Order with that name, that she’s already a warrior, and that she’s from a primitive setting. This brief glimpse illustrates how she’s gone from someone who doesn’t even have access to technology to someone who has position and power in the First Order. I’m guessing she’s a fast learner. And that also maybe she saves Brendol’s life.

Read the entire excerpt at

Are you surprised to learn Phasma comes from the equivalent of a small, off-the-grid town? Tell us your Phasma theories in the comments.

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Images: Lucasfilm/Disney, Del Rey

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