The First Images From the New PET SEMATARY Have Arrived

The 1989 movie adaptation of Pet Sematary doesn’t always get the respect it deserves as a horror classic of the ’80s. Loaded with disturbing imagery–a zombie cat, an exposed brain, a literal twisted sister, and of course a homicidal toddler–it also boasted a kickass theme song by the Ramones, and an iconic performance (referenced in just about every horror spoof South Park ever does) by Fred Gwynne as the neighbor who warns “SomeTAHMS dead is bettah!”But now we’re getting a look at the new version, courtesy of EW, and they’ve gotten at least one major thing right: if you want to equal Gwynne, you cast John Lithgow. And that cat looks pissed.

Changes to the plot this time around include Lithgow’s Jud entering the story in later and creepier fashion, and scary sibling Zelda being portrayed younger, as she was in the book. Jason Clarke stars as Louis Creed, and directing duties will be handled by Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kölsch, whose previous credits include a Chuck Palahniuk documentary and several episodes of the Scream TV series.There is no word as yet on whether a new band will be found to cover the Ramones theme.Are you looking forward to more zombified pets, Stephen King style? Don’t let your thoughts be buried–keep them alive in our comments below!

Featured Image: Pocket Books

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