Wear Peeps on Your Feet with New Crocs Collaboration

Peeps season is upon us. The sugar-coated, colorful marshmallows line store shelves ahead of Easter in packages too numerous to count. Peeps are usually reserved for eating, but Crocs is changing that. Via Pop Sugar, the foam resin clog company is teaming up with Peeps for a very special mini collection of shoes.

When you hear about a Peeps and Crocs collaboration, perhaps you picture an array of Crocs in the same bright hues as Peeps. That makes sense. The footwear does indeed come in bold Peeps marshmallow colors, but that’s where the word bold stops applying. This partnership goes a step further: the Crocs have molded Peeps 3D Jibbitz charms on the toes. You can attach them to the holes of the Crocs, so that means you can add as many Peeps as you want (well, up to three Peeps) or none at all.

Crocs with Peep marshmallowsCrocs

The little chick charms pop out above the toes. If you use all three of them, it looks like your shoes have three tiny horns. Crocs gave this design a grainy texture to emulate the sugar on the candy marshmallows. So, you’ll be more tempted to eat them I guess? Foamy shoe sugar, just what you’ve been craving, right? At least the vivid yellow, blue, and pink shades (excuse me, lemon, electric blue, and electric pink) are appealing on their own, sans chicks.

If you’re itching to own Peeps x Crocs footwear, we won’t judge you. And neither will others based on the fact that a handful of sizes have already sold out. Sold. Out. You can order from the collection now and bring home the wearable Peeps you’ve always wanted for $49.99. Do not, I repeat do not, put these Peeps shoes in the microwave to watch them melt (maybe don’t do that with regular Peeps either).

Crocs with Peep marshmallowsCrocs

Do you know this isn’t the only food crossover partnership Crocs has done? I don’t feel surprised. Notably, they’re partnering with KFC to make a pair of shoes that look like fried chicken. Actual chicken. That style comes with two Jibbitz charms that look like drumsticks. My recommendation is to order these Peeps Crocs and then get the KFC Crocs (coming this spring) and mix and match to your heart’s content.

If you think that’s a terrible idea, how about just rewarding yourself with some Peeps instead? They’re easy to find in this pre-Easter period. Opt for traditional sugar-flavored Peeps (sugar is a flavor, isn’t it?) or go wild. They certainly did in 2019. Last year they added a ton of new flavors that will hopefully make repeat appearances in 2020 Easter aisles. The additions include pancake-and-syrup, cotton candy, fruit punch, and orange sherbet.

But wait! This time around you can also find marshmallows meant to taste like Froot Loops, chocolate pudding, Hot Tamales, and a root beer float. That’s enough options to make a whole tasting bar. I can’t endorse any of these flavors, but again, I fully support your candy choices.

Featured Image: Crocs

Amy Ratcliffe is the Managing Editor for Nerdist and the author of Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy. Follow her on  Twitter.

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