Joel Giggles a Little in THE LAST OF US Finale Blooper, Courtesy of Pedro Pascal

There’s very little funny about The Last of Us. And the character of Joel rarely smiles throughout the show. Probably one of the least funny episodes of the series, which is saying something, is The Last of Us‘ season one finale. But luckily, to soothe our aching hearts and crying eyes, Pedro Pascal offered us a blooper from the show. As Pascal delivers Joel’s serious lines from the final episode, he dissolves into a fit of laughter. Honestly, we can’t help but laugh along to this The Last of Us blooper.

Pedro Pascal teases us with other fun behind-the-scenes images from The Last of Us. But you can watch the outtake by arrowing all the way over to the right.

Honestly, we needed that after a whole season of the show crushing our souls. We can’t imagine The Last of Us season two will offer us any solace. But it would be nice to see a proper The Last of Us blooper reel before we have to face down more doom and gloom.

Pedro Pascal laughing as Joel from one of The Last of Us blooper outtake finale shots
Pedro Pascal

And maybe we could get at least one moment of happiness for Joel and Ellie? Just one?

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