Peacock’s JOHN WICK Pop-Up Bar THE CONTINENTAL Coming to Actual Exterior Location from the Screen

There’s something I’ve wondered about the John Wick universe. Can normal people stay at The Continental? Is it possible for a regular tourist to book a stay at the consecrated safe haven for assassins? The answer is technically no because it is a fictional place But fans of the franchise will soon get the chance to do something just as cool. Peacock is celebrating its upcoming prequel series The Continental with a John Wick pop-up bar in New York City at the actual building that serves as the hotel’s fictional exterior.

A man stands in front of The Continental in a poster for the John Wick prequel series

Welcome to The Continental: The Hotel Bar Experience is heading to the Big Apple to promote the new ’70s-set John Wick series. The themed bar (first reported by PEOPLE) is headed to 82 Beaver Street. That’s where you can find the real world building that stands in as the outside of the fictional world’s iconic hotel.

The 21+ experience will do more than just use that setting as décor. It’s described as “an immersive cocktail experience” that will let visitors “step back in time to the 1970s to the world’s most chic, sophisticated, and dangerously elite hotel in NYC.” It will also let guests pretend like they’re living in the John Wick universe. Visitors—encouraged, not forced, to dress for the era and setting—will pay for food and drink via the bar’s Gold Coin Currency Exchange, just like in the films. The first $15 ticket tier, “Guest of the Manager,” comes with a Gold Coin for entry, another Gold Coin for bar purchases, and a Gold Coin keepsake upon departure. The $25 “Guest of the High Table” level ticket comes with all of that plus a bonus Gold Coin for bar purchases.

Once inside more Gold Coins will be available. For $10 you can get one Gold Coin you can then use for beer, mocktails, and “Light Bites.” And $20 will get you two Gold Coins good for wine, mocktails, and “Elevated Bites.”

Visits lasts for two hours and include more than just themed food, drink, live-music, photo ops, and Easter eggs throughout. There are also interactive storylines “with a killer twist.” Someone/s will break the rules of the Continental. That will force guests to “roam the hotel bar and its backrooms to uncover a high-stakes plot.” Or not. The event’s listing says patrons can also just sit back and watch everything unfold. You can try and decipher which bellhop or bartender isn’t who they seem without getting involved.

That might be for the best. I don’t know if normal people can typically stay at the Continental. But I do know it’s still plenty dangerous for world-class assassins.

Welcome to The Continental: The Hotel Bar Experience will run from September 21-24, September 27 to October 1, and October 4-8. Those dates coincide with the three-part The Continental series, which debuts on September 22.

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