This past summer, John Wick: Parabellum took us on an incredible journey around the world with our favorite Baba Yaga. Besides watching Wick get crafty on horseback, Parabellum also provided us with some further insight into the assassin world. We learned more about the High Table—with Asia Kate Dillon’s wonderful Adjudicator—and watched Wick’s bounty get updated. The most surprising thing we learned was that a John Wick 4 and spin-off TV series The Continental are in the works!

John Wick 4 will premiere May 21, 2021, but we’ve yet to learn when the television show will come out. According to TheWrap, we can expect the show to air after John Wick 4, so some time after summer 2021. At the recent Television Critics Association event, Starz COO Jeffrey Hirsch shared some information about the upcoming series.


According to Hirsch, the show will act as a prequel of sorts, focusing on the fictional underworld hotel, The Continental. We’ll be able to see how the hotel functions without the impending danger Wick brings to it. So, this series probably won’t tie too much into the upcoming film, but we’re more than fine with that. Part of the fun of the Wick franchise is learning how these hitmen networks operate. We’re interested in seeing how they work without the Baba Yaga on their backs.

Speaking of the Baba Yaga, Hirsch wouldn’t budge when asked the essential question: would John Wick appear in the show? Hirsch joked that it was a query he deliberately wouldn’t answer because it’s such a good question. The show could take place during Wick’s retirement, but it could also occur when Wick was a normal, working assassin. Considering that Keanu is an executive producer on the show, we wouldn’t be that surprised if he showed up eventually. 

The upcoming show, known now as The Continental,  will be led and written by Parabellum writer Chris Collins. Directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch as well as writer Derek Kolstad will serve as executive producers. Even more exciting—Stahelski will direct the premiere episode of the show! We’re excited to see what excitement we’ll see in and around the Continental, and what new assassins we’ll meet. 

Images: Lionsgate