This Parrot Can Sing “Bacon Pancakes” from ADVENTURE TIME!

When you live in the fiery ash hellscape that is 2018, it can feel like finding joy in anything is somehow a betrayal of the serious issues rending civilized society in twain. But taking a moment to enjoy something light and silly can help folks dust themselves off and recharge to fight another day. In that vein, here is a delightful Quaker Parrot named Milo singing  Adventure Time‘s fan favorite ditty, “Bacon Pancakes.” 

Via  The Laughing Squid, Milo lives in Nova Scotia with his human, Erica Croke, and his Facebook page is filled with small joyful interludes such as dunking a basketball and trying to weasel human food from his mom. Quaker parrots, also known as Monk parrots, are native to Argentina. They became popular pets beginning in the 1960s when their capacity for large vocabularies made them desirable. Quaker parrots can learn scores of human words and phrases. If you’re charmed by Milo, be aware these birds can live up to 30 years and that some states—including California, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Hawaii, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Wyoming—have banned the sale or ownership of Quaker parrots due to the number of owners that were freeing their birds and wreaking ecological havoc on native species.

For those not in the know, “Bacon Pancakes” was an earworm that spread across the Internet in 2012 after airing on the Adventure Time episode “Burning Low.” Written by Rebecca Sugar and composed by Tim Kiefer, the song quickly permeated Internet culture. Check out the original below! 

Image: Cartoon Network

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