This Paper Towel Rope Is Strong Enough to Pull a Car!

A lot of the time, the YouTube comments aren’t worth reading… unless you’re looking for people claiming to be the first ones to watch a video, some hateful insults, or cringe-worthy jokes. On The King of Random’s channel, however, the comments are where the gold is, because sometimes the popular YouTube channel (that’s nearly 10 million subscribers strong) will go to the comments for suggestions on what they should try next, and the comments that inspired a new video from the channel is intriguing: “Can you make rope with paper towels?”

Let me correct myself: It’s not so much the comment that’s interesting, but what it leads to. Instead of just making a rope out of paper towel (which he does) and calling it a day, our host decides his rope needs to be strong enough to pull a truck, which sounds crazy given that my paper towel often breaks apart while I’m trying to clean the kitchen counter. But they got it working!

They made a woven rope out of twisted paper towel cords, and it turns out that regardless of the material used, this structure is pretty strong. They were able to pull the car once, and while it broke on their second attempt, it’s surprising that it even gets the job done in the first place. So stop underestimating the roll of paper towel in your kitchen.

What else would you like to see a rope made out of? Let us know what you think down in the comments!

Featured image: The King Of Random/YouTube

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