Panera Will Discontinue Notorious Charged Lemonade

Panera has shared that its Charged Lemonade will soon no longer be available in its stores. And it seems like it’s about time that Panera discontinued this product. The Charged Lemonade allegedly contains more than 390 milligrams of caffeine, though, according to Panera’s nutrition information, it at most contains 302 milligrams of caffeine. In any case, to put it in perspective, 12 oz of Diet Coke contains 46 mg of caffeine, while 12 oz of coffee contains seems to contain between 80-100 mg of caffeine. Panera’s Charged Lemonade has been named as a cause of two deaths in lawsuits.

Panera phasing out Charged Lemonade discontinuing product

According to NBC News, “A spokesperson for Panera said Tuesday that the nationwide discontinuation of the Charged Lemonade comes after a ‘recent menu transformation.'” Panera notes, “We listened to more than 30,000 guests about what they wanted from Panera, and are focusing next on the broad array of beverages we know our guests desire — ranging from exciting, on-trend flavors, to low sugar and low-caffeine options.”

Low-caffeine options seem like a wise next move for Panera… as does discontinuing this Charged Lemonade.

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