PAINT Trailer Brings Chill Vibes and Owen Wilson’s Bob Ross Hair

If you look at the theater today, you’ll see a lot of high stakes. The Earth could be destroyed. The entire galaxy might cease to be. The very multiverse is at stake. But judging by the Paint trailer, which tells the story of a fictional public television artist, one who seems to be incredibly inspired by Bob Ross, this movie will give us something a little different. And by a little different, we mean the pleasant calm of incredibly low stakes. Think: the tree in the painting is too big. Let’s take a look.

The Paint trailer and its already-released teaser below, are all vibes, even when the going gets rough. We get some gentle music, beautiful landscapes, and the soothing ASMR-quality of brushstrokes. Not to mention a whole lot of very sincerely delivered affirmations. Of course, nothing can remain entirely pure. And competition in the paint world is fierce. Owen Wilson’s Carl Nargle does even throw a paint can in frustration at one point. And it looks like some art might end up burning. But what can we say, we need some tension.

IFC Films brings us the next latest and greatest in the recent trend of biopics with a twist. Of course, this isn’t really a Bob Ross biopic; it’s an entirely fictional tale of Carl Nargle. But Paint sure does heavily wink at the idea in its trailer. We guess a true story gives more license to create whatever kind of drama a movie needs. Even if that’s not very much drama at all.

Owen Wilson brings Bob Ross painter to life in Paint teaser trailer
IFC Films

The official synopsis for the Paint movie, released with its trailer, tells us everything we need to know.

Owen Wilson stars as Carl Nargle, Vermont’s #1 public TV painter who is convinced he has it all: a signature perm, custom van, and fans hanging on his every stroke… until a younger, better artist steals everything (and everyone) Carl loves.

Paint Poster with Owen Wilson

Poor Carl. How will this tale end? We guess we’ll find out when Paint releases on April 7.

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