“Sonic Screwdriver” is Officially in the Oxford English Dictionary

Whovians are quite familiar with the Doctor’s trusty tool, the sonic screwdriver. A device able to tackle just about any problem the Doctor is presented with—except for wood, it’s rubbish on wood—the sonic is a vital part of the Doctor’s wild, intergalactic success. Heck, it’s probably one of the most recognizable things from Doctor Who, second only to the TARDIS.

Still, for such an iconic and useful piece of equipment, it’s always been a bit hard to describe to family and friends who don’t watch the show. How do you explain such a compact, brilliant, multi-purpose tool with one bizarre Achilles heel to someone who doesn’t know Gallifrey from Raxacoricofallapatorius? Luckily, the Oxford English Dictionary has stepped in to help.As Entertainment Weekly reports, the OED announced on its official blog that the sonic screwdriver would be the newest addition to the famous resource. So how does the most respected source of knowledge of the English language explain a sonic screwdriver? Take a look at the official entry:

There you have it! A sonic screwdriver is, officially, an electronic device that uses sound waves to perform mechanical and technical functions. According to the OED‘s blog, because the sonic has so often represented a “tool of the future,” it’s inspired many engineers and inventors to create other similar-types of tools. Adding the sonic into the dictionary doesn’t just tip the hat to Doctor Who as a television show, but it also acknowledges the huge cultural impact the show has had on viewers and the next generation of creators and thinkers. I think the Doctor would be proud of that.

So rejoice, Whovians. No longer will you have to awkwardly try to explain to those outside of the Doctor Who fold what a sonic screwdriver actually is. Instead, you can simply direct them to the dictionary, and let them take it from there. Of course, I would advise warning your friends about the wood thing before sending them off on adventures through time and space. You know, safety first and all that.

What do you think of “sonic screwdriver” being added to the Oxford English Dictionary? Are there other pop culture terms that you think should be added? Tell us in the comments!

Feature Image: BBC
Image credit: Oxford English Dictionary

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