This Overwatch Cosplayer Brought Doomfist’s Gauntlet to Real Life

Overwatch‘s Doomfist is instantly recognizable and completely intimidating. But rather than being daunted by the cybernetically enhanced fighter, Zibartas Cosplay took inspiration from the character to replicate his trademark gauntlet. The result is striking. (Get it?)

We told you earlier this year about another incredible Doomfist gauntlet, one  recreated by the Hacksmith, that packs a HUGE punch. Zibartas’ take on the metallic prosthetic is definitely more form than function. It has dazzling lights and whirring motors, and even some smoke machine action as well, but there’s no question this gauntlet could also do some damage in a fight—and look good doing it.“The gauntlet itself has around 300 LEDs wired in 2 separate series (backlight and accent lighting), 5 motors, a pressure sensor, and consists of around 300 handmade steel parts,” wrote Zibartas Cosplay on Facebook.

He also hinted at what the other components of the intricate, mechanical cosplay will look like when complete.

The cosplayer has been posting process photos and videos of the project for months, from how the elbow mechanism and pressure sensors work to a makeup test complete with red LED lights.

Keep an eye on Zibartas Cosplay on Facebook for the final reveal of the Doomfist cosplay, which is obviously a labor of love. You’ll also find his other Overwatch cosplay work, from Soldier: 76 (including his summer skin, which is simply fantastic) to a unique take on everyone’s favorite tank, D. Va.

If you could cosplay as any Overwatch character, who would you choose? Tell us why in the comments.

Featured Image: Blizzard Entertainment

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