Our Favorite Song Classics Covered by Mario Paint Composer

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It’s an odd funny thing that with so many advancements in technology, often what we find is that we become a bit overwhelmed with it all. Sometimes the latest sound or coolest effect generated by a thousand computers processing at every second can put you on overload. We forget that at the core of our favorite overproduced song is the essence of a simple little melody that speaks to the simplest pleasures of the soul.

So what should do you do when that happens?

You go Old School, that’s what.

And a group of enterprising individuals have done just that with the most unlikely of programs, the old school “game” Mario Paint.

Debuting in 1992, Mario Paint was a drawing utility for the world’s favorite console at the time the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It came with a mouse and mouse pad and its intended use was to allow users to create drawings and simple animations along with a stamp making ability as well. Mario Paint is a lesson in unintended benefits of the very best kind as it turns out because even though it was originally designed as a drawing platform for your inner van Gogh made was accessible to the masses, many users found the music composition portion far more interesting and compelling.

Flash-forward to today and some enterprising individuals have rediscovered this delicious ancient relic via emulator utilities on their modern computers and ubiquitous apps, and revived it with some modern day freshness and fun. By fusing the old school simplicity of the chiptune sound from the composer utility with some of the more catchy and popular tunes of the past and present, a culture of Mario Paint Musical Renditions has been born and flourishing across the Interwebs.

Here are a few of the more impressive compositions by a few Mario Paint musicians that we’ve completely lost ourselves in. We’re looking forward to more as the community grows and grows.

Europe -The Final Countdown

Daft Punk – Get Lucky

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Linkin Park – What I’ve Done

Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Theme Song (because it’s awesome!)

See what I mean? More please. Leave some suggestions for your favorites in the comments.

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