Otter Loves to Snuggle Kitten Friend, Who Puts Up with It

We’re simple people here at Nerdist. When we come across a ridiculously cute pair of animals doing something ridiculously cute, we share it with everyone. Especially when the cuddly duo involves an adorable kitten and a sweet but anxious otter. (Pixar, you’d better be taking notes!)

The Japanese YouTuber ma ko is behind this three-minute vision of peace; the video features the YouTuber’s river otter Sakura and his cat Mochi.

In the video, Sakura does everything she can to get closer and closer—and closer—to Mochi’s back. And while Mochi seems mostly docile during her tenure as “The Little Spoon,” there are a few fleeting moments where it looks like things could get a bit kill-y.

This river otter loves snuggling its kitten friend, but the friend's feelings are ambiguous.

ma ko

The best part of the video—paws down—however, comes around the 1:20 mark. That is the exact moment Mochi shows the camera, with her eyes, just how little she cares about Sakura touching her. And there’s even a glint of, “I’ll claw you good when I’m older” in her big, pale green peepers.

Toward the end of the video, Mochi’s feelings are a bit more apparent. Once fully awake, the kitten does her best to bolt. It’s not easy though, as Sakura does everything she can to hang onto the kitten. And almost, with an anaconda-like grasp, pins her down before losing the battle.

It’s no wonder Sakura loves snuggling so much. She’s apparently quite anxious, and desperate for close contact with almost any other mammal. In the video immediately above from December of last year, for example, the YouTuber shows how Sakura behaves around him. The otter literally will not let go of her owner.

Sakura seems to have a great life with ma ko and Mochi, but perhaps more otter friends should be introduced into the mix. A whole otter family would be adorable, with lots of potential for jealously and conflict. (*Cough* DreamWorks *cough*)

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