9 Best Moments from the 2019 Oscars

So much for needing a host. After months of consternation and controversy over who would head up this year’s Oscars, the leaderless event went off without a hitch. It was a brisk, entertaining night that lasted just over three hours. But the collective realization that Hollywood’s most prestigious night doesn’t actually need anyone in charge wasn’t the only highlight of the evening. Here are some of the best moments from the 2019 Academy Awards.

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Maya Rudolph

If the Oscars does go back to hiring a host next year, these three made the case for why they would be the best team for the job.

Regina King Wins (and Gets Escorted by an Avenger)

We don’t deserve Regina King, so we were thrilled when she took home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for If Beale Street Could Talk. And then Captain America himself Chris Evans helped her safely get up the stairs to accept her award and everything felt right in the universe for a few moments.

Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry Rock the Night’s Best Costumes

If these two had just walked out dressed like this and said nothing for two minutes it would have been one of the funniest moments of the night, but they killed it with their deadpan delivery and cat puppet.

Black Panther‘s Ruth E. Carter and Hannah Beachler Go Back-to-Back and Make History

Before Black Panther‘s Ruth E. Carter (Best Costume Design) and Hannah Beachler (Production Design) took home back-to-back Oscars, only one other black woman had ever won a non-acting Oscar before. Each capped off their historic wins with a beautiful speech.

Awkwafina and John Mulaney Get Nervous

As these two proved yet again, having two incredibly funny people present together alwaaaaays works.

Speech. Memorable.

The night might have ended with a win that many consider regressive, but that wasn’t the case when Period. End of Sentence. took home Documentary (Short Subject) and Rayka Zehtabchi and Melissa Berton gave their incredible speech.

Spike Lee: Oscar-Winner

After years of being overlooked, Spike Lee finally got his first (non-honorary) Oscar. The Adapted Screenplay winner was given a big hug from his friend Samuel L. Jackson before he gave a powerful speech about slavery and oppression in America.

Olivia Colman’s Delightful Speech

Our favourite speech of the night was easily Olivia Colman’s shocked, charming acceptance after winning Best Actress. It was sincere, touching, funny, and worthy of a queen.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Melt the Stage

Before taking home the Oscar for Best Original Song, Lady Gaga (who gave a great speech herself) was joined by A Star Is Born co-star and director Bradley Cooper to perform the song and ooooooh man was it incredible. The beautifully shot segment ended with a look between the two that threatened to melt the theater.

Fun, powerful, and shorter. We can’t wait to see who’s not hosting the Oscars next year.

Featured Image: ABC

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