Rent Oscar Mayer’s Weinermobile for Your Marriage Proposal

Believe me, proposing marriage to someone is really freaking stressful. And that was true even though I was 100% certain my now-wife was going to say yes. First you have to find a ring. Then you have to pick the right time and location. And finally you have to avoid shaking so hard you don’t drop the ring before you even get down on one knee. It’s a whole thing! But fear not young lovers. An unlikely source is here to help you relish the big moment by making that life-changing question barbe-cute. You can now rent Oscar Mayer’s Weinermobile for your marriage proposal.

And hot diggity dog! It’s free to use.

Hot Dog! You Can Rent Oscar Mayer's Weinermobile to Propose_1 Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer has announced that starting now “anyone who’s mustard up the courage to pop the question to their significant other” can apply to do so with the iconic Weinermobile. All you have to do is head to “ Request the Wienermobile” and fill out the application. The company will fill requests based on the 27-foot, hot dog-shaped car’s availability. Oscar Mayer will notify lucky winners one week prior to the requested date. Even better, it won’t cost you a cent.

The offer was inspired by the Weinermobile’s official driver, who proposed to his girlfriend in front of the car at Yellowstone recently. Yeah, these are real proposal photos. And they’re awesome.

Hot Dog! You Can Rent Oscar Mayer's Weinermobile to Propose_2Oscar Mayer

Technically, the application says you can apply to use the car for any event. But no matter the cause, Oscar Mayer writes “for a greater chance of a Wienermobile appearance, please submit your request 3-12 months in advance.”

So your best bet to propose with the Weinermobile is to either wait around for a year to propose (and lose your mind with stress). Or apply for the car and hope your love flourishes for the next 12 months.

Hot Dog! You Can Rent Oscar Mayer's Weinermobile to Propose_3Oscar Mayer

If your proposal is rejected, at least with the Weinermobile around you can take your new online dating photo in front of the car. It will help you ketchup with the part of the dating pool that shares your same love for hot dogs and ridiculous photo-ops.

Featured Image: Oscar Mayer

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