The Oregon Zoo’s Resident Beaver Is A Branch Managing Expert

There maybe a lot of people who are bored in their homes, but this fuzzy little guy is always hard at work—and play. Filbert, the Oregon Zoo’s resident beaver, has captured the hearts of social media followers with several videos of him doing his very important job.

Filbert, aka the “Branch Manager,” is graciously allowing his human caretakers to record short clips as they observe his daily activities. What does Filbert do all day long?

He swims, he snacks on veggies, and he keeps any eye on the stick market for any major developments. And, when he finds the perfect stick, he brings it back home to add to his growing masterpiece. It’s a demanding career but someone has to keep the ball rolling every day. Please give him (and the Oregon Zoo social media person) a raise.

While many of us are social distancing and perhaps alone, Filbert is lucky enough to have a new friend to help him manage his ongoing business. The zoo brought in Maple, a lady beaver who doesn’t have a title yet but will surely make her mark in the Oregon industry. Filbert and Maple love a good-natured water fight, cauliflower, carrots, and hanging out with each other while looking quite adorable.

The barrage of media attention might be a bit much for this superstar branch manager. Sometimes, he gets right into the camera. Other times, he disguises himself as a mysterious and furry orb.

But don’t worry. Filbert isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The Oregon Zoo recognized International Beaver Day on April 7 with new Filbert content and a “gnawledgable” video about the brilliant engineering minds of beavers. The clip explains how to tell the difference between beavers and similar animals, how a lodge is set up, and the importance of their dams.

Check out Filbert’s casual stroll and snacking before he gets back to work. There’s no stick out there that’s too large for Filbert to handle.

We love them all, but Filbert is clearly the best branch manager of all-time.

Header Image: Pexels

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