One Man Musical Medley Celebrates ’90s Disney Animation

Nick Pitera is a longtime member of the Disney family, having been a 3D modeler at Pixar Studios. But before all that, he was just a Disney fan. One who happened to have an incredible singing voice. Ten years ago, he uploaded an amazing eight-minute medley of Disney musical numbers, taking on the roles of the heroes, heroines, villains, sidekicks, and their furry choirs. It has since garnered a massive 20 million views.

Now, as a way of celebrating the anniversary of that video, Pitera has released a brand new one in the same style. This time, celebrating the animated classics of the “Disney Renaissance” of the ’90s. You can watch the delightful One Man ’90s Disney Movie Medley in full right here.

This video medley covers almost the entire animated ’90s musical output from the House of Mouse. Yes, even from A Goofy Movie gets a nod. Now, you might be wondering where The Little Mermaid is. Well, that film might have started the Disney Renaissance, but it actually came out in November of 1989. So it just didn’t make the cut. For some reason, the last ’90s animated Disney movie Tarzan didn’t get a section either. No love for Phil Collins, Mr. Pitera?

Even A Goofy Movie gets some love in this 90s Disney mash-up.

Nick Pitera 

Pitera has a metric ton of other incredible musical videos on his channel. Not just Disney, but ones ranging from the entire spectrum of musical theater. His online fame got to be so huge, that a few years back, he even got to go on The Ellen Degeneres Show. There, he performed both the male and female portions of the Glee version of “Don’t Stop Believin.”

Although a baritone, Pitera can do an incredible falsetto that has to be heard to be believed. You can check out his original Disney medley that garnered him so much acclaim down above. And for more of his amazing videos, be sure to head on over to his YouTube channel.

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