DON’T WORRY DARLING First Look Image Reveals Styles, Pugh, and Menace

Let’s face it. The people love Harry Styles. And they also love Florence Pugh. Imagine adding Chris Pine on top of that and the directorial work of Olivia Wilde. And we can safely say, we have ourselves a movie worth watching. And our first look image at Don’t Worry Darling certainly strengthens that resolve. In it, we see Harry Styles and Florence Pugh curled up in bed. But something unsettling is already creeping in. The pair seem to clutch at each other and the devotion between them seems like it could turn a bit too devoted if you catch our drift.

Don't Worry Darling First Look Image featuring Harry Styles and Florence Pugh in bed.
Warner Bros.

We know we’re ready for more and we haven’t even seen Chris Pine yet.

The official logline for Don’t Worry Darling shares:

A 1950s housewife (Pugh) living with her husband (Styles) in a utopian experimental community begins to worry that his glamorous company may be hiding disturbing secrets.

Sounds like Pugh is right to worry. Utopian experiemental communities never end well for anyone. We all remember how The Stepford Wives turned out. Although we loved Pugh in Black Widow, we can’t wait to see her step back into this daylight horror movie. Although very different stories, Midsommar and Don’t Worry Darling seem like they’ll have similar airs. Everything is sunny and bright, but that doesn’t stop the terror. We also can’t wait to see Style dive into this likely meaty role. Again, we greatly enjoyed seeing a glimpse of Styles in Eternals but variety is the spice of life.

Though we don’t yet have the full trailer of Don’t Worry Darling, one got released at CinemaCon. So hopefully, we can all enjoy a deeper dive into the movie sooner rather than later. Until then, we probably will keep gazing at this first look image. Can you blame us? It feels like Don’t Worry Darling will be a suspenseful, but beautiful, film.

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