OK Go Records Self-Isolation Music Video for Charity

Making art is often the thing that gets us through a terrible time. That’s the case with the band OK G0, the alt rock band known best for their inventive music videos. After the recovery of lead guitarist Damian Kulash from COVID-19, the band put together a hopeful offering in aid of Partners in Health. But they want fans to know: “This isn’t the clever new video we’ve been working on for months or the lead single from our new album; there’s no campaign.”

Along with the above video, the band wrote the following message on their official site:

“In this uncertain time, one of the few constants has been the heroism of our frontline workers. Your donation here will go entirely to Partners In Health, a global health organization restoring social justice by bringing quality health care to the most vulnerable around the world. What you’ll receive in return for your donation is a warm feeling in your soul. You’ll also get a link to download a bundle of items including an All Together Now mp3, coloring pages, and more. Yeah, you read that right: coloring pages – scenes from our videos that you can print out and color.”

OK Go Record Self-Isolation Music Video For Charity_1


Kulash and his family were some of the first people diagnosed with COVID-19 in California. He shared a personal message about his experiences which ended with this hopeful note:

“The idea that some good may come from this time of overwhelming tragedy is a light in the dark right now. We’re not delusional; we don’t think optimism or compassion alone will get us through this tragic pandemic, nor do we think the better angels of our nature are predestined to be victorious. But as we wrestle with anxiety, every drop of hope is precious. We want to nurture it and share it.”

Featured Image: OK Go

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