OK Go and the Go-Go’s Merge into “The OK Go-Go’s” on KIMMEL

Every now and then, Jimmy Kimmel Live! turns its musical performance segment into Mash-Up Mondays, where it takes two bands with similar sounding names and gets them to perform together. For instance, in the past, the segment has featured Wee-Z Top (Weezer and ZZ Top), Joss Stone Temple Pilots (you can probably figure that one one), Of Monsters And Men at Work (this one too), and others. Last night’s Kimmel featured another installment, and this time, we met The OK Go-Go’s.

As you probably imagined, this brought OK Go and The Go-Go’s together on one stage to perform a mash-up of The Go-Go’s “Our Lips Are Sealed” and OK Go’s “Here It Goes Again.” Aside from the names the pairing of these two bands actually makes a ton of sense. Both produce upbeat, generally cheery-sounding alternative rock, and we hadn’t thought about it until now, but they really do sound like each other.Their collaboration begins as the bands trade verses of their respective songs, and the composition really only becomes a true mash-up towards the end, when the outro really combines the two songs in a way that sounds really seamless.

Most of you probably know OK Go from their inventive and mold-breaking music videos, and admittedly, it’s almost odd seeing them just playing music on a stage. That said, they know their way around a song and a big part of why their videos are so appealing is because they’re set to some solid tunes. We previously talked to frontman Damian Kulash about their music and videos, so revisit that conversation here.

Featured image: ABC

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