LA Clippers’ Paul George Releases Official PlayStation 5 Sneakers

The Venn diagram between sports aficionados and video game devotees hosts a dense middle section. Therein lies not only dutiful viewers of athletica, but a good number of professional athletes themselves. One Paul George, small forward for the Los Angeles Clippers, has established himself as just such a crossover phenomenon. In fact, so enchanted by the world of gaming is George, that he has attached his name to a new pair of official PlayStation-branded sneakers.

A pair of PG 5 PlayStation 5 Colorways, viewed from the side.


Nike has dubbed these new pair of kicks the PG 5 PlayStation 5 Colorway; the shoes sports a number of visual references to the gaming franchise—specifically the latest console. For instance, you can spot a bold recreation of the PlayStation 5 logo on the tongue. Additional familiar insignia appear on the side of the heel.

A pair of PG 5 PlayStation 5 Colorways, viewed from the front.


A PG 5 PlayStation 5 Colorway, close up on the side of the heel.


This is of course only the latest collaboration between George, Nike, and PlayStation. A series of PlayStation 4-specific sneakers hit the shelves previously, couriered by the Clippers star. To accompany the release of the new sneaker, George penned a short post for PlayStation’s official blog.

Creating sneaker collaborations with PlayStation and Nike Basketball has been one of my favorite pastimes in recent years, and I’m so thankful to this community for supporting me and sharing in my passion. Like many of you, I’ve been a die-hard PlayStation fan all my life, so it’s an honor to introduce my newest creative project with my favorite brands: the PG 5 PlayStation 5 colorway.

Just like the PlayStation 5 console, the PG 5 is my platform to take my game to the next level, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring these two elements together in this new partnership with PlayStation. Nike and PlayStation designers, including Yujin Morisawa – the artist behind the PS5 console’s design – worked closely together to bring the spirit of my game and the look of PS5 to life in this unique collaboration.

The PG 5 PlayStation 5 Colorway will release (in select regions) on May 14, 2021.

Featured Image: Nike

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