There Will Be No Sweethearts Candies Sold This Valentine’s Day

Everyone’s favorite powdery Valentine’s candy is no more. Yep, just weeks before the celebration of love, capitalism, and greeting cards that is Valentine’s Day,  CNBC is reporting that the iconic badly printed romantic candy Sweethearts will not be available this year! The February 14th fave used to be manufactured by their creator New England Confectionary Company, but after the company went out of business last year, things are looking dire in the world of heart-shaped sweets. New England Confectionary Company was acquired by another candy producer called Spangler Candy Company, but as they only took them over at the tail end of last year, they weren’t able to produce the popular Valentine’s Day treat in time for the celebration this year. Don’t despair, though, as the company hopes to have them back on shelves this time next year. It’s a surprising development as, according to The Smithsonian, “More than eight billion (some 13 million pounds) of the little hearts are sold in the six weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.”

The conversation candies are well known for their saccharine phrases like “Marry Me” and “Love U.” They have even become a part of pop culture, with an entire episode of Futurama dedicated to the chalky treats. Over the years, the candy has reflected the evolution of language including common phrase and text speak like “You Rock,” “Text Me,” “Me & U.” The company even did Twilight-themed sparkly Sweethearts with phrases like “Bite Me,” “Dazzle,” and “Live 4 Ever.” Alas, none of that saved the New England Confectionary Company, which had been around an astonishing 171 years before they shuttered last year.

Images: Fox

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