George R.R. Martin’s Secret Video Game Project Revealed

The Game of Thrones television series may have come to an end, but as part of his continuing efforts to do anything that isn’t finishing novels, George R.R. Martin is back with another fantasy world for you to emotionally invest yourself in to an unhealthy degree. Officially announced at Microsoft’s Xbox E3 press conference on Sunday, confirming leaks leading up to the event, Elden Ring is a new fantasy action video game developed by From Software and dreamed up by the dynamic duo of George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki (best know for the Dark Souls franchise).

The trailer aired during the press conference didn’t reveal any actual gameplay, but gave us a lot of moody high fantasy imagery of a tattooed man forging a mighty hammer, an armored warrior woman, and all manner of ominous talk about impending doom and the destruction of the titular Elden Ring. In other words, it sounds like a perfect union between Martin and Miyazaki’s sensibilities and has the makings of an amazing game.

Rumors about Elden Ring first began circulating in late May and the game was unfortunately one of a multitude of leaks that occurred in the days leading up to the big reveal at Sunday’s press conference as a result of a security flaw on publisher Bandai-Namco’s website. The game is purported to be From Software’s “largest game to date” and “a fantasy action-RPG adventure,” according to Polygon.

We have no shortage of questions in the meantime: will it be more satisfying than Game of Thrones’ final season? How many controllers will we break while playing this game? Is George R.R. Martin aware of how hard he is messing with us at this point or is this the fantasy author equivalent of Mr. Magoo? Only time will tell…

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Elden Ring does not yet have a release date, but is confirmed to come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Stay tuned to Nerdist all week long for the latest E3 updates.

Images: From Software

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