The First Song Composed on Nintendo Labo Is “All Star” Because, Internet

The Nintendo Labo is a new way to play games on the already versatile Nintendo Switch. The building kit comes with perforated pieces of cardboard you carefully put together by following the instructions on the screen. You can build a fishing rod, working robot, and more with the easy-to-follow directions and precisely cut pieces, and then use the assembled “Toy-Cons” to play games. The Labo, released on April 20, truly showcases the innovation of Nintendo for kids and adults of all ages to build and play with together.

And what does someone do with this creative resource on the first day it’s available? They use to play “All Star.” Yes, that earworm of a song by Smash Mouth.

YouTuber Akfamilyhome deemed his version “mediocre,” but considering it’s being played on a cardboard piano and a Nintendo Switch, it sounds pretty dang good to us. He also seems hopeful about the kit’s capabilities for creating other song covers and custom sounds.

If you want to see what else the Nintendo Labo can do, the company hired the perfect spokesman to give you an overview of the kit in action: Bill Nye, the Science Guy.

Bill’s enthusiasm is contagious. He makes not only putting the kit’s pieces together seem simple, but it’s obvious he’s having fun playing the games once the cardboard peripherals are complete. He also seems quite impressed with the system’s capabilities.

The Nintendo Labo is available today at game stores for a retail price of $69.99 for the Toy-Con Variety Kit (which includes the piano pieces), and $79.99 for the Toy-Con Robot Kit.

What song would you compose first on the Nintendo Labo? Tell us in the comments.

Featured Image: Nintendo

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