Nintendo Labo’s New Kit Lets You Operate a Car, Plane, and Submarine

Nintendo Labo cardboard kits were made to inspire creativity in their users, and we’d say they’ve succeeded.

Labo users are playing music from Smash Mouth and Game Of Thrones on cardboard pianos, going fishing, and even operating electric wheelchairs. So far, there are two Labo kits, a.k.a. Toy-Cons: the robot and the variety pack, both of which were released in April. Now, Nintendo is adding a third one to the roster, one that encourages you to get behind the wheel and pick up speed (via Kotaku).

The kit, which comes out on September 14, comes with a cardboard steering wheel, joystick, and two-wheeled tank control thing for you to build. Using your Joy-Con as a key, you can change between the operational modes of car, plane, and submarine.

Based on quick shots from the trailer above, it looks like you’ll be able to collect things, blow things up, race Mario Kart-style (as well as in the style of a two-player mode that looks a bit like Mario Kart: Double Dash), have an Arms-like punching battle, customize your rides, play Rocket League-inspired golf, and even fuel up… or rather, charge up, since your Labo vehicle is electric. That’s about all the detail there is on the Labo and game for now, but it looks like it has enough packed in to keep you occupied for quite some time.

What do you think of the new Labo kit? What’s your favorite one so far? What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen somebody with with Labo? Share your corrugated thoughts down in the comments below!

Featured image: Nintendo

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