Nintendo Announces an Impressive Indie World Lineup

Nintendo just unveiled a lineup of new and upcoming indie games so big it could only be described as an indie world! The Indie World Showcase highlighted just fourteen games from their dazzling slate of upcoming games, which continues to support games from independent developers and publishers on the platform like never before. Puzzle games, first-person shooters, action and adventure games, role-playing games—there’s an indie game for everyone. From re-releases like Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition, to dating sims like Best Friend Forever, to brand-new, innovative games like Eastward, the Nintendo eShop will soon be home to an incredible amount of indie hidden gems.

Eastward is an RPG-like adventure game that takes place in the near future from the publisher of Stardew Valley. A miner named John travels through the decaying world with Sam, a mysterious young girl, as they seek out the truth about her origins. The beautifully atmospheric and pixelated world beckons fans of adventure games early next year.

If you couldn’t tell by warning at the beginning of the trailer alone, Freedom Finger looks like a highly irreverent side-scrolling adventure with a top-tier voice acting cast. Blast, punch, and laugh your way through over 30 animated levels. Throw in a rock soundtrack and you’ve got an indie game that you’ll tell all your friends about.

You had us at dating sim combined with pet sim. Best Friend Forever is an upcoming game that combines caring for your doggie BFF (by feeding, playing, and walking with them) with meeting Mr. or Miss Right. In the dog-friendly town of Rainbow Bay, you’ll take your furry friend with you everywhere as you make new acquaintances and possible love connections. Look for the dating sim on Valentine’s Day. Awww.

That’s just a few of the incredible indies you’ll find soon on the Nintendo Switch. You’ll find a complete list of featured titles now on the Nintendo website, and you can take a look at Nintendo’s entire Indie World presentation below. Get ready to see your game library grow!

Which indie game catches your eye? Tell us in the comments.

Featured Image: Pixpil / Chucklefish (Eastward)

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